A Mother’s Purpose

If I could inspire a life to be a better person,
and to maximize his talents;

If I could just show one life his strengths
to build his self-esteem;

If I could lovingly point to him his weaknesses
so that he could improve on them;

If I could make him realize that he is great in his uniqueness
so that he knows he can be the best him;

If I could make him understand that there are people who are better than him so that he will remain humble;

If I could trust him and love him unconditionally
so that I can show him how to love others too;

If I could guide him to trust and love himself
so that he knows in his heart that he is special;

If I could help strengthen his wings and teach him to fly
so that he could safely navigate his own flight;

If I could have the courage one day to allow him to fly on his own
without fear nor doubt in my heart that he can soar higher than I have ever flown;

Then, I as a mother, have done well;
My purpose as a mother has been fulfilled.